AweCal (Mac)– Manage your Time and organize your Days!

AweCal is AdvSoft's universal application for platforms: Mac (OS X), iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Web.

AweCal (Mac) is the version of the app for Mac (OS X) platform.


Note: In this guide, AweCal, when it is not with followings (such as iOS or Mac), stands for AweCal for Mac version.

Video: Here is the link for general video introduction of AweCal (Mac) app.


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AweCal is an all-in-one: Calendar, Task and Note management application that helps you to manage your time efficiently with elegant and friendly organizer. AweCal application offers sets of applications for not only Mac, but also iPhone and iPad version. All of them have same features set and data can be synced between AweCal apps via AweCal Cloud server.

AweCal is a great tool for busy individuals in business, from school, at home… to manage his or her appointments, tasks and notes with minimum cost. It is designed to help you effortlessly manage day-to-day appointments, tasks and notes with a rich set of features included. Below is a general picture:


1. General Introduction of AweCal

2. Day View

3. Week view

4. Month view

5. List View

6. Synchronization

7. Smart Schedule

8. Checklist

General Introduction of the AweCal Application


AweCal supports Day/Week/Month view in details to quickly show your tasks / events for a day / week / month. For each view, certain actions will be supported. You can see more details for each section for these views. For week view, you can have Flexible Weekday start. You can choose Monday or Sunday (in Settings view) for Weekday start. Week view in AweCal is a week of year combines with week of month.


AweCal also supports multiple calendars. It manages your tasks/events under different calendars, color code them and put all in the same view. Each calendar can have multiple tasks / events attached. You can have some calendars defined for your daily activities such as Work, Family, Study, Friends, etc. All calendars will share a common working time line. For your convenience, calendars can be merged together.


Event is classified by calendars in AweCal. AweCal also supports tasks along with events in each calendar. Task is more flexible in time and can also be scheduled into your free time. Beside Tasks/Events, AweCal also supports Notes management. A note can be used to quickly capture your thoughts. You can have multiple notes per day. All of them are in one view.

Note: Stylus note is also supported!


AweCal has Smart Task scheduler to help you organize your tasks into Calendar with the best fit algorithm. AweCal provides you with various options for scheduling tasks to the time line.


Checklist, a list of items need to be done for a task/event, can be attached for each task/event. It is a useful feature for you to keep track of task/event’s progress.


AweCal also have Timer feature, which logs the time you have been spent for any of your tasks/events. And you can export your time sheet into a CSV format so that you can see on your PC or for reporting.


You can send/accept meeting invitations to others, if they also have AweCal application. You also can use the Invitations feature to share your tasks/events to others conveniently.

IMPORTANT NOTE: more useful features which are waiting for you to exploit!


You may need to see lunar calendar date, AweCal helps you to do that. The lunar date can be shown beside the Gregorian Calendar in all views.


Powerful List is the list view that will show your Tasks, Events and Notes under list format by different filter criteria. The list also shows you the Timer information, Task scheduling information and Completed tasks information.


AweCal has Synchronization function that sync events with Mac Calendar, from which you can sync data to Outlook, Mobile Me, Google calendar, Google calendar, etc. And sync tasks with Toodledo, Google Tasks, and the native Mac Reminders. Also data can be synced with AweCal, an iCloud service.


Time balance is a utility function which AweCal shows you your balance of time each day/week/month and 4-months. From there you can easily know how much time is currently occupied and how much free time you have. This would help to plan your days, weeks and months in advance.


With Flexible Day Time feature, you can set working time for each day in a week. The working time will be used for calculating the time balance and also for scheduling tasks into calendar time (Tasks will be scheduled into working time for each day of week) or finding best time for new event. Day Time also can be used to calculate the time balance for each day/week/month or 4 months.


AweCal supports snooze alert: each alert may need to snooze. Snooze duration is a period for each next coming alert. You can specify the snooze duration from Setting view. Each time alert comes, it will have an option for you to snooze or not. If you choose snooze, the app will come after snooze duration until you stop it.


AweCal supports recurring tasks with the most popular recurring options. You can see the option by opening the task details view.


You may need to see tasks/events with more clearly or more detail. Multiple Font Size supports different font sizes so you can adjust your views to see your tasks, events and notes at glance. You also have more options with Multiple Font Type, which you can choose different fonts for Notes and Checks List.


AweCal helps you to store your data with Safe Backup (in the settings view), this feature will allow you to backup the entire database of AweCal into an attachment of email and you can restore from there later.


As a lively working tool, Sound Effect will play sounds when you doing some actions such as when you change view, edit, delete, etc. You can turn it ON/OFF in Settings view.


AweCal is integrated with Google Map: you can show map with address in location field of the task/event within AweCal. It is useful when you are driving and would like to have some directions to the address you would like to come.


AweCal is also integrated with Photo: Task and event can attach Photos that are from Photo library or Camera rolls. So you are easy to remember the context of the task, event.


Beside Google Map and Photos, AweCal is integrated with Contacts: task and event can have invitation. The invitees can be the contacts in your Contacts list.

Note: you can quickly create tasks/events from the contact information which are from Mac's contact database.


AweCal is aimed to have supper quick actions: AweCal supports you the way to quickly create data. You can create task, event with just 1-2 clicks. AweCal reduces number of clicks to as less as possible. In addition, AweCal gives you a convenient function of copy and paste task/event: you can copy task/event into clipboard and paste them to anywhere when you create a new item (such as click on + button above task list in Day view or click on free time line on calendar views like Day/Week view).


In some cases, you may want to merge calendar. AweCal supports merge calendars together. As a result, tasks and events belong to source calendar will be transferred to a destination calendar.


AweCal allows you to show/hide calendar: you can choose to show/hide calendar in Settings view. All tasks and events will be shown/hidden corresponding.


Finally, AweCal has an exporter, which can export your completed data via email with CSV format so you can read it on your MAC/PC. AweCal also can export your Notes via email or print them via air printer.

General view organization

The general view of Awecal are shown as the picture below:

In which:

  • The View selection button will allow you to change between views.
  • When the view is changed, the calendar view and the day widget will also be changed accordingly. The Tasks and Notes view will also be changed, for example when you change to month view, the task list will be shown as for the month.
  • You can click on Calendar to change it to Context view
  • You can also click on Scheduler to change it Timer view.

Working flow

With busy life nowadays, we always have lots of things to do everyday. Our days are usually fully occupied with Notes, Tasks and Appointments (Events). CapPad will help to organize your workings more efficiently.

AweCal supports the working flow: Notes -> Tasks -> Event or Notes -> Events.

From Day view, you can easily navigate all Notes, Tasks Events that need your attention. You can easily create Tasks by selecting text from a Note. From a Task, you can open the details view and convert it to be an event. All done tasks and events will be recorded in History view, so you can easily keep tracks of your works.


Event Details

Event stand for your fixed time activities, such as meetings, working appointments with customer, etc.

AweCal supports basic types of event:

      • Singleton event.
      • Recurring event: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
      • All day event (ADE) - Note that ADE will not occupy time line, so tasks can be scheduled to the day which have ADE. Below is details view of an event:


Tasks Details

Tasks can be your working items that are variable in times, like the ones you can do when you have time. Task can have some constraints such as have start and due date, which you need to do it during that time. AweCal does not only manages tasks under a list or group them under calendars, it will also help to schedule your tasks to your working time. We call it smart scheduling system.

AweCal supports task management with various task types:

  • Task with no due
  • Task with due date
  • Repeating task: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and after done.

Below is the details view of a task:



        • The task details parameter is almost same as event's above, the difference is task can have Due, and duration.
        • The task duration, start and due date will be used to schedule the task into the calendar.


From day view, week, month view, the Notes are shown on the bottom right panel. Touch on + button to add a new note. AweCal supports multiple notes per day. Below is the note details view. You can select some text and an action menu will appear that allow you to: Copy, Cut, Replace... Create. From there you can easy to create a new task/event. Then the note will be automatically attached into that task/event.


Settings view

Tap on top left button, the Setting view will open, allow you to select different settings for the app.



Show lunar date: ON will show the lunar date in calendar views

Weekday starts: can be Sun or Mon.

Day time for 7 days of week: you can set the Day time for 7 days in week, this will be used for scheduling tasks and for time balance counting.

• Count balance time in all day or Day time: if Day time, the time balance will count only for your Day time as set above.

Alert time: Setting time for alert. Values can be 5, 15, 30 minutes.

Font size: this will adjust the font of the tasks, events and notes in all views in the application.

Backup data: this is to backup all your data. You can restore data later from a backup file.

- Event settings:

  • Settings default for new event: calendar, context and event’s duration.

- Tasks Settings:

  • Setting default for new task: calendar, context and length.
  • Day tasks: setting for which tasks will be show in Day view, Tasks section.

- Note & Checks: options of font type for Note & Check.

- Synchronization: this is for setting sync sources for Events (iCal, Google calendar), Tasks (Reminders, Toodledo, Google Tasks), setup sync windows, Auto sync.

- AweCal Cloud: setup sync Awecal (Mac) with AweCal Cloud, which is to backup data or sync data with AweCal Cloud server, which in turn can be synced to our apps: AweCal iOS, CalPad, CalPhone, AweTasks and other AweCal (Mac).