Planning issues may make our life messy!


In our daily activity, we always have lots of things waiting for us to complete, no matter you are in the office or at home. Normally we can just keep in mind what need to be done, or we can also write them down to a sheet of paper, put a line on a completed one, and continue with the others...


These methods may not be very efficient when we have a long list of tasks and appointments and also notes. Some of them are sort-term planning while the others are long-term planning, so they can be messed up! We may forget some important things, may not remember their priorities or may not remember how to classify them because we can not remember their relationships... We will need more time to get all things to be done because we have to re-classify, re-order them manually.


Today, with the advanced devices and technologies, all the issues above can be solved easily with some taps or clicks by using the productivity tools from AweSoft!


Why AweSoft?

AweSoft provides solutions to make your life easier!


AweSoft is a young and dedicated IT company, we have engineers who have profound experiences with productivity products, we apply latest technologies in software development, we work daily with most advanced devices on the market, especially iOS devices. Our aim is to develop the best productivity products such as time organizer and note taking tools using the advanced technologies nowsaday.


Below are our typical solutions:

-  Time organizer tool: There are organizer tools on iPhone, iPad and Mac - AweCal. We know that a best organizer can help you to be more productive. Our tools helps you to organize all your notes, tasks, and events in professionally manner. With a little time to input data, your plan will be organized in a right way and smartly! All your thinking and planning will be managed so that you will not miss a valuable thought or a great idea. The tools work intelligently, they can suggest what is the best time to do your tasks!

- Note-taking tool: we provide the most convenient tool for note taking on iPad - AweNote. it includes all features you will need for your notes.

- Virtual Store: We develop a tool for supporting the connectivity between producers and their customers to be easier and quicker.

- iOS and Mac OSX software development solutions, we offer consultings or do the software development on demand.

Let try and enjoy them now!

Manage your time
and organize your days!

Daily record
for future planning!

The optimal Tasks management
application for your iPad!

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